Our research has resulted in several technologies. The pesticide removal technology has been licensed and a product based on this technology has been commercialized. Incidentally, this is the first nanomaterials-based water filter to get into commercial market. Pesticide removal technology is estimated to have reached about 10 million people. Our arsenic removal technology, approved for national implementation, is delivering arsenic free water to about 1.2 million people every day.

Till present, 7 companies have been incubated based on our research. IIT Madras and our former students are owners of these companies.

InnoNano Research Private Limited is an IIT Madras-incubated company which developed AMRIT, acronym for Anion and Metal Removal by Indian Technology. AMRIT is an affordable nanotechnology-based water purifier to dispense safe and affordable drinking water at a cost <5 paise/litre. It was first introduced in the villages of Murshidabad district in West Bengal after the Arsenic Task Force of the Government of West Bengal certified and approved its use. AMRIT is installed in 2000 locations in West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Karnataka providing arsenic-free drinking water to nearly 8 lakh beneficiaries. The company is not active now.

Innodi Water Technologies Private Limited incubated by IIT Madras in collaboration with Idropan of Italy has introduced a new water treatment system in the market that is ideally suited for drinking water applications. The treatment system is based on a technology called Capacitive Deionization (CDI). This innovative technology is used to desalinate water without using resin or membrane filters. It does not require chemicals to treat water and uses very low power to separate salts in water. The technology excels in terms of lower water wastage and operational cost, in comparison to Reverse Osmosis (RO). It is simple to operate and can handle multiple contaminants in water in an environmentally friendly manner. Visit us at

VayuJal Technologies Private Limited is an IIT Madras-incubated company that aims to alleviate the global water crisis by providing clean water through Atmospheric Water Generators (AWGs). We started in 2016 and our AWGs are designed to offer affordable clean water in an environmentally sustainable manner. We guarantee long-term value so that the user can be worry-free and enjoy pure drinking water for less than 12 cents a gallon. Our AWGs are easy to install, use and maintain.
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Aqueasy Innovations Private Limited is an Indian company incubated by IIT Madras working in the field of domestic water purification technologies. AquEasy currently develops contaminant specific water purifier bottle, called the ‘blue bottle’. Also, the company has developed a rolling water purifier called ‘roll pure’ that helps in reducing the effort in water transportation and provides clean water, when the water reaches the point of use.

Hydromaterials Private Limited is an IIT Madras-incubated company that uses sustainable and affordable advanced materials for solving issues associated with drinking water contamination. Solutions exist for the removal of arsenic, iron, uranium and mercury, along with several other less common contaminants. Image shows one of the installations in Punjab. The nanotechnology-enabled iron and arsenic removal plant (with blue roof) near the overhead tank is supplying clean water to the village further away. There are several installations of this kind, monitored using IoT.

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EyeNetAqua Solutions Private Limited is a start-up company incubated at ICCW to develop and commercialize IoT-based sensing technologies for water quality monitoring. EyeNetAqua works with IIT Madras’ consortium on sensors to integrate as well as develop new technologies for water quality monitoring. EyeNetAqua has developed and demonstrated a prototype of an online water quality monitoring unit at ICT Grand Challenge 2020 arranged by MeitY (CDAC, Bangalore). Further, a product is being developed as per JJM specifications for the inline measurements of pH, TDS, Residual chlorine, Nitrate, Fluoride, pressure and water volume of flow. The company is actively working towards the lab-to-field translation of low-cost portable devices for fluoride, free chlorine and arsenic in field conditions.

DeepSpectrum Analytics Private Limited is a IIT Madras Pravartak-incubated start-up working on data from diverse sources. The origin of such data can be from diverse kinds of spectrometers, often adapted to field applications. Analysis of data will provide insights into processes of interest.

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