Ph. D. Students(s)

Aishi Mitra

Department of Chemistry

Dr. Biswajit Mondal

Exploring the chemical and physical properties of 2D MoS2 for clean water

INT- Institute of Nanotechnology, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology,

Dr. Ankit Nagar

Dept., of Chemistry, Dept., of Metallurgical & Materials Engineering, IIT madras

Arijit Jana

Department of Chemistry

Dr. Tanvi Gupte

Department of chemistry and Department of metallurgical and materials engineering

Dr. Srikrishnarka Pillalamarri

Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Dr. Pallab Basuri

Department of Chemistry
Amrita Chakraborty

Dr. Amrita Chakraborty

Chemical interactions between nanoscale systems: Novel structures and Emerging properties

Post doc, Rice University

Dr. Md Rabiul Islam

Department of Chemistry
Sritama Mukherjee

Dr. Sritama Mukherjee

Towards sustainable engineered nanomaterials for affordable clean water

Dr. Sandeep Bose

Electrospray deposition: A route to functional nanomaterials, 2021

Post doc,

Dr. Madhuri Jash

Department of Chemistry
Investigations of phosphine protected silver clusters and their alloys in the gas phase and in solution, 2021

Post doc, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
Dr. Sudhakar Chennu

Dr. Sudhakar Chennu

Interactions of As(III), As(V), P(III) and P(V) ions with iron oxide-based materials

Dr. Mohd. Azhardin Ganayee

Department of Chemistry
Dr. Krishnan Swaminathan

Dr. Krishnan Swaminathan

Association between agrochemicals and non-communicable diseasesin rural india : A case study on prevalence of diabetes and atherosclerosis

Consultant Endocrinologist & President, KMCH Research Foundation
Dr. Sugi Shivan

Dr. Sugi Shivan

Department of Chemistry
Atomically precise nanocluster-based materials: Emerging properties, 2021

Post doc, AK Scheele research group, Institute of Physical and Theoretical Chemistry, University of Tuebingen

Dr. Esma Khatun

An investigation of atomically precise mono and multimetallic nanoclusters

Post doc, Alberta University
Dr. Tripti Ahuja

Dr. Tripti Ahuja

Towards vibrational tomography of ligand protected nanoparticles

Post doc, IIT Delhi ,

Dr. Mohammad Bodiuzzaman

Exploring chemical and structural diversity in atomically precise nanoclusters.

Post doc, University of Massachusetts
Dr. Debasmita Ghosh

Dr. Debasmita Ghosh

An investigation of the chemical properties of luminescent protein protected atomically precise noble metal clusters

Post doc, University of Bordeaux
Dr. Jyotirmoy Ghosh

Dr. Jyotirmoy Ghosh

Clathrate hydrates in ultrahigh vacuum under cryogenic conditions

Post doc, Purdue University
Dr. Abhijit Nag

Dr. Abhijit Nag

Consequences of molecular interactions of noble metals in the bulk and nanoscale

Post doc, University of Edinburgh ,
Dr. Papri Chakraborty

Dr. Papri Chakraborty

Chemical interactions of noble metal nanoclusters: Dynamics, aggregation and supramolecular complexation

Post doc, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Dr. Vidhya Subramanian

Dr. Vidhya Subramanian

Integrating Technologies to Create Modular Sensors for Water Quality Monitoring

Industry, Project Scientist, ICCW ,
Dr. Jyoti Sarita Mohanty

Dr. Jyoti Sarita Mohanty

Atomically precise clusters in protein templates: Synthesis and applications
Dr. Manju C. K

Dr. Manju C. K.

Investigations of new atomically precise metal chalcogenide clusters

Post doc, Ohio State University
Dr. Swathy J. R

Dr. Swathy J. R.

Employing Common Ions And Molecules For Sustainable Clean Water

Assistant Manager, R&D, Eureka Forbes Limited
Dr. Shridevi Bhat

Dr. Shridevi Bhat

Investigations of mono and bimetallic clusters of Iridium

Post doc, Stony Brook University
Dr. Avijit Baidya

Dr. Avijit Baidya

Chemical Approaches for Reliable Superhydrophobic Coatings: Synthesis and Applications

Post doc, UCLA, Dept of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Dr. Rahul Narayanan

Molecular ionization at low voltage from one-dimensional nanostructures: Phenomena and applications

Research Assistant Professor Department of Chemistry SRMIST, Kattankulathur Campus, Chennai.
Dr. Atanu Ghosh

Dr. Atanu Ghosh

Atomically precise noble metal clusters: Synthesis, transformation and applications

Post doc, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST)
Dr. Depanjan Sarkar

Dr. Depanjan Sarkar

Ambient ions: investigations at the materials-mass spectrometry interface, 2017

Royal Soceity-SERB Newton International Fellow, University of Manchester.
Dr. Soujit Sengupta

Dr. Soujit Sengupta

Graphenic materials for affordable clean water

Principal Scientist, IIT Tirupati
Dr. K. R. Krishnadas

Dr. K. R. Krishnadas

Chemical reactions of atomically precise noble metal clusters

Post doc, University of Geneva, Switzerland
Dr. Rabin Rajan J. M

Dr. Rabin Rajan J. M

Physico-chemical changes at icy surfaces of relevance to astrochemical processes

Assistant Professor, Mar Ivanios College, Thiruvananthapuram
Dr. Anirban Som

Dr. Anirban Som

Investigations into the reactivity of tellurium nanowires with ionic, molecular and metallic silver

Post doc, Aalto University
Dr. Ananya Baksi

Dr. Ananya Baksi

Interaction of proteins and sugars with noble metals: Adducts, Clusters and Dissolution

Scientist, Technische Uni­ver­si­tät Dort­mund
Dr. Amitava Srimany

Dr. Amitava Srimany

Investigations of molecular signatures of plants and cells by ambient mass spectrometry

Assistant Scientist, IRRI South Asia Regional Centre

Dr. Radha Gobinda Bhuin

Understanding molecules of interstellar relevance by optical spectroscopies, 2015

Senior Research Officer, Indian Oil Corporation Limited
Dr. Indranath Chakraborty

Dr. Indranath Chakraborty

An Investigation into the formation, functionalization and applications of atomically precise silver clusters,

Assistant Professor, School of Basic Sciences (Chemistry), IIT Mandi.
Dr. Ammu Mathew

Dr. Ammu Mathew

Functional noble metal clusters: Synthesis, surface chemistry and applications

ORISE Post-doc, U. S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command - Soldier Center (DEVCOM-SC)
Dr. Kamalesh Chaudhari

Dr. Kamalesh Chaudhari

Single particle investigations of nano-bio interactions, 2014.

Industry, Principal Scientist, ICCW
Dr. Robin John

Dr. Robin John

Investigation on the formation and inter-conversion of low dimensional carbon systems.

Assistant Professor, St. Alberts College, Ernakulam
Dr. M. S. Bootharaju

Dr. M. S. Bootharaju

Investigations of the interactions of noble metal nanosystems with contaminants in water, 2014

Senior Researcher, Seoul National University;
Dr. Soumabha Bag

Dr. Soumabha Bag

Ultralow Energy Ion Scattering at Ice Surfaces: Instrumentation and Unusual Reactivity

Assistant Professor, Mizoram University

Dr. Thumu Udayabhaskararao

Luminescent quantum clusters of silver and their variants

Professor, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China

Dr. J. Purushothaman

Nano and sub-micro inclusions as probes into the origin and history of natural diamonds

Consultant, IIT Madras
Dr. T.S. Sreeprasad

Dr. T. S. Sreeprasad

Chemical interactions of selected one- and two- dimensional nanosystems: Reactions, shape change and self organization

Assistant Professor, University of Texas at El Paso
Dr. P.R. Sajanlal

Dr. P. R. Sajanlal

Shape-controlled synthesis, characterization, and applications of anisotropic meso/nano materials

Scientist II, Harvard Medical School/Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Dr. Habeeb Muhammed M. A.

Investigations of luminescent gold quantum clusters

Assistant Professor, TKM college of Engineering
Dr. Shibu E. S

Dr. E. S. Shibu

Quantum clusters and superlattices derived from gold nanoparticles: Two distinct regimes of nanosystems

Assistant Professor, University of Calicut

Dr. Akshaya Kumar Samal

Synthesis, characterization and properties of one dimensional nanostructures

Associate Professor, CNMS, Jain University
Dr. D. M. David Jeba Singh

Dr. D. M. David Jeba Singh

Gas phase clusters

Product specialist, Gulf Bio Analytical, Dubai, UAE
Dr. V.R. Rajeev Kumar

Dr. V. R. Rajeev Kumar

Investigation of nanoparticle hybrids

Professor, Wollega University
Dr. Jobin Cyriac

Dr. Jobin Cyriac

Probing atmospherically relevant molecules on ice films

Associate Professor, IIST Thiruvananthapuram
Dr. C. SubramanIam

Dr. C. Subramaniam

Nanosensors with metal nanoparticles and nanoparticle-nanotube composites

Associate Professor, IIT Bombay

Dr. Renjis T. Tom

Interactions of certain biomolecules with metal nanoparticles

Associate Professor, St. Joseph's College Devagiri

Dr. Rosemary M. J.

Investigations of molecules confined in silica nanoshells

Scientist E2, HLL Lifecare Ltd
Dr. A. Sreekumaran Nair

Dr. A. Sreekumaran Nair

Chemistry of halocarbons with bare and protected silver and gold nanoparticles

Corporate Manager (R&D), Advanced Design and Materials Group MRF Limited, R&D Centre/Corporate Technical
no image available

Dr. R. Selvan

Synthesis and spectroscopic investigations of novel clusters

Professor, Symbiosis School of Biomedical Sciences (SSBS)

Dr. N. Sandhyarani

Structure, phase transitions and properties of monolayer-protected metal clusters.

Professor, NIT Calicut
Dr. Venkataramanan Mahalingam

Dr. M. Venkataramanan

Investigations of the structure, stability and surface modification of self-assembled monolayers

Professor, IISER Kolkata

Dr. M. R. Resmi

Vibrational spectroscopic investigations of orientational ordering in fullerene based materials

Professor, Govt. Sanskrit College, Pattambi
Dr. Bindhu Alappat

Dr. Bindhu Alappat

Investigations of the chemical transformations of self assembled monolayers and the surface structure of liquids

Chair and Professor, Saint Xavier University

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