Rules and Charges

  1. All analysis will be done on charge basis.
  2. We work in a three tier charge system. If the charge is X for internal users, it will be 2X for external and 4X for industries. There will be a reduction for trained users. Training programme will be announced periodically. Training is only for internal users.
  3. Booking will be for two days during the week (Tuesday, Wednesday) for internal samples and one day per week (Friday) for external samples (for TEM and CRM). The days will be Mondays and Thursdays (internal) and Saturdays (external) for MALDI. This change is because the same operator will take care of both CRM and MALDI. Per day it will be four slots of 1 hour 30 minutes each. Two will be in the morning from 9 am and two will be in the afternoon from 2 pm. The time includes pump-down time after the insertion of the sample.
  4. Per unit charge will be Rs. 1000 for TEM and Rs. 500 for Raman. This is X. External users (2X) and industries (4X) must add 14.5% service TAX. The charges must be paid in advance in the form of a DD, in the name of “Registrar, IIT Madras” payable at Chennai.
  5. The internal person who is booking should be a regular student/faculty with roll number/id number and the booking should be authorized by the Faculty in-charge and HOD.
  6. There must be an account to which the bill can be credited. This can be project or department account.
  7. If the person is from outside, send a DD and the DD details must be available on the booking (through the internet).
  8. Typically one sample takes 1.5 hours (for both TEM and Raman).
  9. No refunds will be made in case the machine does not work on a given day. Instead, another sample/samples can be done on an appointed date.
  10. MALDI will be charged per sample basis. Typical time required for analysis is 30 minutes. Per sample charge is fixed as Rs. 500. This is X.
  11. We do not have a routine AFM apparatus. AFM and SNOM analyses will be done only for those who bring tips (probes). Addresses for procuring tips will be provided. Per unit charges will be as mentioned above.
  12. Your enquires may be address to, Please do not contact