Single Crystal X-ray Diffractometer

Single Crystal X-ray Diffractometer

High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscope (HRTEM) with EDAX

Instrument specification

Bruker Single Crystal X-ray Diffractometer (SCXRD), D8 Venture with Photon III C14 detector, is used to determine three dimensional crystal structures. It is equipped with two micro-focus X-ray sources (Cu and Mo radiation) providing a choice of two wavelengths, for measuring patterns in very small crystals. Powder diffraction of capillary samples can also be obtained. Grazing incidence measurements can also be made. Different cooling systems are available, enabling low temperatures such as 100 K.


Bruker SCXRD D8 Venture provides a high intense strongest X-ray source, with highly reliable largest X-ray detectors. With more room for rotating anode, liquid metal jet, and dual wavelength solutions, this instrument provides high versatility and flexibility to the user. The IμS Microfocus Sources yield Mo 0.71 Å and Cu 1.54 Å. The Mo radiation helps in high throughput and electron density measurements, and the Cu radiation provides absolute configuration determination of lightweight molecules.

Key features of D8 Venture SCXRD

Flux density: 6 × 10¹¹ X-rays/mm2s

X-ray sources: IµS 3.0 and IµS DIAMOND microfocus, METALJET liquid metal 

Active area: up to 280 cm2

Anode: Microfocus TXS Rotating Anode

Goniometer: FIXED-CHI or KAPPA, for completeness and multiplicity

Software and data processing: APEX5 and PROTEUM3

Low temperature range: Cryostream (liquid nitrogen) and COBRA (non-liquid nitrogen) 

Theory of operation

A crystal has a pattern of unit cells repeated in a three-dimensional lattice. Upon X-rays incident on the crystal lattice, it behaves like a diffraction grating, producing a diffraction pattern. A beam of parallel monochromatic X-rays of a specific wavelength is used to obtain this diffraction. The analysis of this diffraction pattern leads to the structure and shape of the lattice units. With the phase angles and a good fit between experimental and calculated diffraction patterns.

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